Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ten Years?

Yep, I've been blogging for ten years.

And I think I've about exhausted what I have to say, at least for the time being.

During those ten years, one of my three children finished high school, they all finished college, one died, and two earned graduate degrees.

I've been to Iona and Paris, the Pacific Northwest (multiple times, thanks to a college student), canoeing in Canada, lobbying in Columbus and Washington, D.C., and up and down the Atlantic seaboard.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and broke my ankle.

I completed seminary and a certificate in spiritual direction, was ordained to ministry, taught some college classes, and have served two churches as pastor.

I'm, just back from a much needed week of silence and spiritual direction at Georgetown University, where I stayed in the Jesuit Community's residence, did a disappointingly small bit of exploration (that ankle!), dealt with a car breakdown, and read a lot of Brian Doyle.  (How have I not read all of his books before ???)

Mostly I stretched luxuriously into prayer as my cat stretches across the bed, sinking into a fleece blanket, retracting her claws, and closing her eyes.
At least twice on my retreat, deep into the contemplation of passages of scripture, I related to my spiritual director what seemed to me to be striking insights, and he told me to look into what the early church fathers had to say about them when I got home.
I have nothing original whatever to offer! ~ be it on the church, bereavement, ministry, parenting, suicide, prayer, or any of the other topics which have absorbed me this past decade.
I have concluded that I am in need of much more silence in my life, much more time for listening and reading and absorbing. 
So . . .  if you've been reading, thank you.  If you've been commenting, thank you even more.  I might return, someday ~ but for now, I think that my online presence will be a small and quiet one.


Image: Holy Trinity Church near the Georgetown University Campus.


  1. whether original or not, your writing has been beautiful these last years. and truthful. I thank you for that.

  2. Thank you for the gift of your honesty, your insights, and your careful crafting of words. Follow the lead of the Spirit now and let your heart and mind continue to explore.

  3. I certainly have appreciated sharing your life and your insights all these years. Without blogging, we would not know each other. And I'm glad I know you. :)

  4. Your writing has moved me more than I could ever express. (Not all of us have your gift for words!) So please accept a very heartfelt "thank you."

  5. Grateful that you are willing to listen to where you are being called. Grateful for your words that I have pondered for so many years. May the way be clear for you. God bless you in the days to come.

  6. I will miss you so much. Wishing you moments of peace in your silence.

  7. Will miss hearing from you. I pray that the silence will continue to deepen and enrich you. Come back as you can!

  8. It's a tribute to your intellect and depth that you lasted so long. I ran dry three years in! I get what you say about listening and taking time to hear new things from God. I will keep watching for you on my blog roll, just in case you start up again. And there's always all those other social media options! You have been a great source of comfort and hope to me and I am forever thankful for you in my life.

  9. As it says in the Good Book, "to everything, there is a season." Experiencing periods of dryness and silence, as well as periods of fruition and inspiration, seems to be a familiar cycle within blogdom. I hope that your time of silence refreshes you, and I send very best wishes (prayers) for every kind of blessing upon you and yours.

  10. Robin, I am behind in my blog reading so I just came by and found this. I am sad for me but I know that each of us must follow where we feel the Lord calling. Through your amazing blog I have been inspired and have learned much - and I have had the pleasure of meeting you! Blessings and prayers.

  11. Thanks for your superb writing and ability to reflect with such awareness and authenticity. I have been improved, and I hope it helps me do so for others. Good luck on all your endeavors, and peace.