Monday, July 21, 2014

More Asia, More Memory

Some seeds flower into the most astonishing color.
This morning I received an email from Josh's girlfriend's father, to whom I had written apologizing for having to leave his wife's memorial service early (previous post).  He filled me in on what we had missed, which included this video as his final farewell to his wife in  honor of their cross-cultural romance.
It is worth attending to for the entire five minutes.  And, of course, it speaks to all of us in our losses.
Our relationship with this family is tenuous and unusual.  But I think that many families who have lost children find themselves briefly and intensely connected to those who have in some way shared in those losses.
I am extremely grateful that six years later this video has come my way because of one of those connections.


  1. As I listened to the video, I could hear more than one "voice still echoing in my heart," my mother's voice among them. And I was in tears. Some of the tears were for you, my friend, hearing the echo of Josh's voice in your heart. Thank you for sharing Josh's girlfriend's father's beautiful farewell to his wife.

    1. It's really extraordinary, isn't it? For me, it's the line, "Where are you?" And you're right, of course -- it applies to any of our beloveds.

  2. Oh my, what a beautiful and heart-breaking song.