Friday, September 12, 2014

A Random Friday Five

Random ~ just what I need to overcome a sluggish start to the day!

The questions come from Rev Karla:

1. If you could sneak away anywhere this weekend, right now, all expenses paid,
where would you go and what would you do?
I've been reading the Inspector Gamache mysteries for weeks now, and I have developed an intense hankering to spend some time in Montreal.  So count me as packed and headed to the airport.
2. What is for lunch today? (one of the very first FF I ever played asked this.)
No idea.  Not feeling so good, so maybe nothing at all.
3. Along that first-FF-I-ever-played theme, what are you wearing today?
It's suddenly chilly out there, so . . .  black pants, a given, and a jacket or sweater.
4. Along the Today Theme, what are you doing today?
Mostly, I am putting first or final touches on too many things, but in midafternoon I get to teach my college class on religion and law.  Today we are discussing an article written about a Jesuit priest about his calling to teach law, so I'm looking forward to that conversation.
5. Along the random theme, what is your favorite scent, and why?
I have no sense of smell, so scent is a foreign concept to me.  I am guessing that I would like the smell of wet leaves on the ground in the fall, though.
Enjoy your day!


  1. Oooh, Montreal! Haven't been there for many years, but I remember enjoying it so much, especially Old Town, and the food!

  2. Fun play! I have been to Montreal once, and I was about 9. Would love to visit again. Feel better--maybe some chicken soup? Enjoy your class~~I love hearing about it.
    And wet leaves on the ground sounds like a gorgeous humbling scent.

  3. Hope you get to feeling better so you can really enjoy the class and the weekend...
    (weekend, ha!)

  4. I would think you'd need that sweater in Montreal and at least you'd get the opp to see loads of wet leaves on the ground there!

  5. I was reading the Inspector Gamache books last year. I said to my husband one night, "these books really make me want to go to Montreal and eat baguettes and sip lattes." He said, "Aren't we going to be in Vermont for your cousin's wedding?" Amazing! We live on the other side of the country, and the timing was perfect.

    Love the books. Just finished the most recent one. Anyone want to talk about it???