Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Unblogger

I haven't blogged regularly in soooooo long.
Most of my life seems to fall into unbloggable categories these days.  The stories belong to other people, or are too sensitive, or simply constitute more than I want to say.   
Consequently, I am out of practice.  And I don't want my writing gears to rust into scrap metal.
I'm going to work on this. As of last month, I've been blogging for ten or eleven years.  That's a long portion of life recorded in bits and pieces of writing published for other people to read. 
I think I might want to hang onto the next decade as well.


  1. I'm in much the same boat. That, and the things I most want to write about I can't really do while still working for a church. I need to retire first or move to a different call, but neither of those will happen for years to come. So in the mean time I want to write but am feeling a little dry in my ability to move from desire to idea to something written. So all I publish are my least it's something.

  2. I know that feeling...the "unbloggables," not to mention not having enough time to get around to reading all of the blogs I enjoy. You write beautifully, and I enjoy reading your thoughts, so I encourage you to write on.