Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Five: Push or Pull

Today's Friday Five comes from Deb:
"I am fortunate to have some great encouragers in my life. The ones who know me the best are great at knowing when to challenge me, and when to just chill and let me figure it out myself. SO… think about the encouragers and challenges in YOUR life and tell us…"
1. After achieving a goal, do you set the bar higher, or rest on your laurels?
I usually set the bar higher.  But I've got nothing against taking a break.
2, Which is better: a kick in the pants or a hug and a cuppa?
Oh, definitely the hug.  I am not particularly responsive to criticism.  I mean, I make mid-course corrections all the time in response to feedback, but you can make it a lot easier on both of it if you have something positive to say.
3. What’s your baseline motivation? Fear? Competition? Not getting caught? ;)
I am pretty damn competitive.  But that driving force has little place in my life these days.
4. When you’re facing a big challenge, do you need to talk it out, or puzzle it out yourself?
I need to talk it out, at length and with anyone who might have something to contribute.
5. Who is in your corner – always? Who helps you achieve more than you imagined you could?  (You don’t have to give names)
I have a couple of mentors and colleagues who are always hugely supportive.  And my kids ~ they're amazing.  My daughter at 28 is insightful, compassionate, and articulate ~ often my go-to person whether I'm moving forward or completely stuck.
I don't have a bonus piece of art of music.  Just the number . . .

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  1. I never did understand the sports method of "ripping the players" at half-time etc to increase their level of play. But, I just enjoy watching sports and not participating in them!