I've been blogging for over six years now, which means that when I got started, I was a lawyer turned teacher and a married mom of twin college freshmen and a high school junior. I had no premonition of anything that would transpire over the next six years:

An introduction to Ignatian spirituality through some graduate classwork in literature, a year-long-Ignatian retreat in everyday life, and resultant decisions to become a spiritual director and head for seminary ~

The graduation of all of our children from college ~

The death of our beautiful Josh by suicide ~

The decision to complete the work I had begun, so that now I find myself a pastor, a spiritual director, and the mother of three, two here and one not, learning to live in the context of shattering loss.

In the years immediately after Josh's death, I blogged under the title Metanoia  -- a Greek word with a more expansive definition than its frequent translation as "repentance," with a meaning that incorporates the idea of a turn in direction, a change of heart. I am still not yet ready for such a transformation, but I have moved toward whatever life will be in the wake of the devastation that loss of a child entails.

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time for a change of title.  Here's the post explaining the new one.