Saturday, February 19, 2011


 Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland OH  (2010)

Yesterday's Friday Five asked us to come up with five words that identify our passions, spirituality, and/or life.

Do I even like words anymore? I wondered. I suppose that sounds a little silly. Most of my work involves words, and as a Protestant perhaps-almost-Minister of Word and Sacrament, I focus on the Word ~ the Word, Jesus Christ; the Word in Scripture; the Word proclaimed.  I read a lot of poetry and fiction and write a lot of bloggy stuff ~ yes, I do still like words.

But I'll let you in on a secret: When I was trying to decide what to do with my one but seemingly no longer precious life after my son died, I was divided right down the middle for a long time: Should I return to seminary?  Or should I turn entirely to my photography and build a completely new life?

I decided to honor what I had begun, and let the photography slide ~ going on mini photo binges once in awhile, but not attempting to learn anything new, and certainly not trying to express my new reality in that manner, except on rare occasions.  Perhaps today's, taken some months ago after a rain, is one example of those rare occasions.

I have, however, as the fog has lifted, become more and more attuned to images of all kinds.  And recently I have begin to think that it's time to schedule some regular time for museum-going and for some of my own work. I realize now that for more than than two years I have been quite overwhelmed by the unwanted images that crowd my mind; perhaps, finally, some space is opening up for others.


  1. This is a great breakthrough. When I was doing my counselling training I found that sandplay and painting, making music, taking photos or choosing photos from magazines or anything that freed up people from having to engage their left brain was very helpful with clients.

  2. go for it, says the man who refuses to do one thing.