Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Facebook at the Moment

Seminary classmates  9

Friends in online moms group   3

Former middle/high school students  2

RevGals    2

Former CPE colleague  1

Parent of former students   1

Niece   1

Middle/high school classmate

Friend in local moms group when our first children were babies       1

Elementary school classmate     1

Church member     1


Do you get the feeling that no one who's in or been to seminary is working?


  1. Funny-- but probably not so funny when it's personal. Still praying for that perfect fit of a call.

  2. apparently I was at work and not on facebook while working. Can you let my supervisor know what a dedicated employee I am?

  3. This morning (after going for a swim in the local outdoor pool - its still summer here in Australia), I worked on a letter for 3/4 hour, then prepared a service for Sunday night. After 1/2 hr lunch I visited a hurt minister who has left f/time ministry and then onto the church office for 3/4 hr doing administration. After dinner tonight, I'll get a draft of the sermon finished so it can be reviewed tomorrow. Tomorrow, administration all day, finishing services off, power points etc.

  4. haha this is definitely true at my seminary, where the number of seminary friends on FB actually seems to peak while we're in class.

  5. I was thinking what good multi-taskers your friends are -:)

  6. Or maybe that just shows how starved for connection they are.