Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moms Still Online

Many, many years ago ~ fifteen, they tell me ~ I read an article in an airplane magazine about a new website called Moms Online.  Later that week, I checked it out, found my way to a column written by a mom of young children and its accompanying message board, and got involved in the ongoing discussion.  With the website's eventual demise, a group of us who had become friends continued our conversations via email, and today we're still together. 

Fifteen summers ago . . .  1996: my boys were eleven and The Lovely Daughter was eight.  I was practicing family law.  During those fifteen years: families have moved, moms have re-entered paid employment and earned new degrees and changed careers, husbands have lost and found jobs, marriages have foundered and survived and ended, children have grown up and gone to college and had various other adventures, one child has died, and one mom has survived breast cancer.

Last week-end, two of the ladies showed up in town  for family reunions, and so we carved out some time for brunch.  Kathryn is an engineer transformed into a high school chemistry teacher, married to an engineer, and mother of two boys.  Laura is the director of music for a huge Catholic parish, married to an athletic trainer, and mom of one very tall son.  Kathryn and I have gotten together several times; this was a first meeting with Laura.
Of course, we had nothing whatever to talk about!


  1. Love the pic of LG Falls.

    Makes me homesick. Grew up in Asheville from '62-'76

  2. Wish I had been there and know that I'll meet both Kathryn and you one of these days. Have met only Meg, Bean, Janet, and Laura.

  3. dontcha just love talking about "nothing" with people you find a bond with
    so glad you have them in your life

  4. It was so much fun. We could have talked about nothing for days as we looped around, picked up lost threads, and introduced new themes. I wish I would have also had time for a walk but was grateful for the time we had.

    It was so wonderful to see you and to finally meet Laura. 15 years have passed in a blink - yet there is a 6 foot plus child in my house reminding me that this much time has indeed passed.