Thursday, July 21, 2011

Retreat in the Heat

I'm back, and feeling quite disoriented as I try to regain my footing in a world in which conversation and television predominate. My prayer this past week brought its challenges, and also some moments of incredible grace.


Two hours of nonstop talk with Michelle, who came out to visit with me before the retreat started.   We barely came up for air!

Hot!  Lots of prayer in and around the pool.  

Full moon and stars ~ magnificent over the midnight countryside.

WASPS, Michelle!  Two trips to the drugstore for remedies for massive welts.  One of those brazen insects attacked me on my raft in the pool ~ such chutzpah!

A skunk, an owl, a doe and her twin fawns on my evening walks.  And, Wayne! ~ bluebirds.

Talking breakfast the last morning.  On either side of me at the table, Catholic women, one a retired teacher and one an attorney turned college development officer.  Across: three other women, all of them priests in the Episcopal Church.  The teacher, who is 76, said afterward that she'd never shared a meal with Presbyterians and Episcopalians before!  I'm glad she didn't wait any longer.

I was invited to do the readings at the final mass.  Much sadness in the air, due to illnesses and deaths among those very close to some of the priests.  But much joy as well, as a small community emerged from a week of sharing God's silence.

Pictures, soon, I hope.


  1. Wasps!!!! Oh, no! I'll be careful when I go next week....

  2. Welcome back...looking forward to your recap.

  3. This sounds like a rich treasure chest, filled with love by God's generous hands. I'm so grateful that you were able to make this retreat!

  4. It's not envy I feel--there is nothing but gladness for you. But I was unable to go on my retreat and have spent the week being with people dying and planning funerals. I ache for the silence and am not sure when the next window will open to go on retreat. I don't often ask for this but I do now: please keep me in your prayers. Peace.

  5. Prayer surrounds you, Rosa.

  6. Michelle, feel free to deal with those wasps before August. The bluebirds and grace sound wonderful. Did you get the piece of mail?

  7. Yes, Wayne - art gets its own post!

  8. Your retreat sounds refreshing, and I hope the same for Stratoz when he goes on his.