Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Marathon to Wernersville Retreat: Will She Make It?

There was the Maundy Thursday service, with the play written and directed by the pastor.  There was the death of a former parishoner.  There was the Easter Vigil, something never before seen in this town.  There was the Sunrise Service and the breakfast and then the Easter Service at the usual time.  There was the grieving family, none of them known to the pastor.  There was the graveside service to plan and lead.  There has been this day filled with research and conversations about a prickly issue that makes the pastor feel more like a lawyer than a minister and yes, she knows the difference.  There is the dog who is probably not going to last the week.  There are still a couple of meetings and visits.  There is the mother-in-law's 80th birthday.  There is one more service, at which, mercifully, a guest is preaching. 

And on Monday there is a long drive, and perhaps a dinner with two good friends, and a reunion with a trusted spiritual director, and then there will be . . . 



  1. My money's on you MAKING IT! Happy for you and the rest awaiting you around the bend.

  2. My money's is also on you making it. But sending some prayers for mercy, and not traveling mercy, until Monday.

  3. Breathe deeply. And regularly. Monday and your well-deserved silence will arrive soon.

  4. Wonderful!! I'll be holding strong intentions for your successful journey!!