Friday, November 9, 2012

Small Things - 1


There are a couple of big things trying to surface in my life these days.  Should they happen to shake out their wings and emerge, I'll write about them.   In the meantime . . .
The holidays are coming.  I realized in the midst of an online discussion a couple of days ago about Christmas that my preference would still be to go straight from early November into January.  I am so not looking forward to that upcoming six-week period of dissociation. 
I don't feel like commenting upon it, however.  I think that over the past four years I've exhausted what I've had to say.
So: some posts about small things. A look back at each day for something small and good.
This evening at sunset found me walking around Lower Lake and through the Nature Center's boardwalk trails.  I stopped to watch several chickadees and a couple of white-breasted nuthatches at a feeder.
Yesterday's newspaper birding column mentioned an influx of red-breasted nuthatches.  One of them spent several days at our feeders at home before the hurricane came through, along with white-breasted friends who are still here.
It was delightful to recall our unexpected visitor as I wandered around in the early evening light.


  1. Six week period of dissociation. So apt a description. We have escaped for two of the last four Christmases and that was much easier. We plan to be home this year and I am just dreading it in every way. ugh. Hoping the "small things" will make it bearable. ((hugs))

  2. A fine small thing. To my knowledge I have never seen that variety of nuthatch, but who knows for sure