Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today . . .a flurry of emails and calls and texts . . .  three beautiful young college women in my living room by late afternoon, seeking help in creating an impromptu memorial service . . . their high school friend dead by suicide less than a week ago  . . .  gathered in a park picnic pavilion . . . cold and dark and windy and pouring rain . . . the candles kept going out until they huddled closer and burned them together . . .



  1. Oh no. Every death by suicide is way to many. My prayers for your young college women, and you.

  2. God has certainly brought you to this place to bring God's hope and love to others. You minister so effectively and are such a gift to so many. Blessings and peace to you because this ministry requires great strength.

  3. Emmanuel: God-with-us lived out.