Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lower Lake

Shaker Lakes ~ Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights, Ohio
It's the first week of March and the red-winged blackbirds should be here.  If they are, I doubt that they're excited by what they're finding.


  1. I saw my first buzzard yesterday, so I know Spring is on its way.

  2. My first real job (I was 24) was in Cleveland. At first I knew no one and had no friends, so I bought a bicycle and used to ride around the Shaker Lakes after work and on the weekends. I remember it as being quite beautiful.

    1. Who knew? When were you 24 and in Cleveland and where were you working?

      When I was 24 I was here and in law school. I'm guessing that you are younger than I, but I am still here! And always living near Shaker Lakes.