Monday, March 11, 2013

Pictures, Misc.

This past week-end it was my delight and privilege to lead a women's Lenten retreat in Dearborn MI, put together by the pastors of (left to right, me in black) Baptist, Lutheran, and Episcopal congregations for their members.  They all did such a beautiful job of pulling everything together and leading us in worship; I'm hoping the retreat was worthwhile for the
women who showed up. 

Looking at some other old photos I've recently put on CDs.  Josh graduated from Chicago in March of 2007 and he and I made a little celebratory trip to the Virginia shore, replaying a family vacation of many, many years previous.  I had always hoped that we would all return together and, as I look at this photo, I think of that quote that periodically makes the rounds: The problem is, you always think that you have time.  Thank God we made time for this ~ even if it was cold and windy all week, we spent a wonderful week together riding bikes through the wildlife refuge and walking the beach and eating seafood and
talking things over.
Life mostly unbloggable these days.  Guess there will be photos instead. 


  1. Great photo of you and Josh! What a treasure. But as a bereaved parent, I know that as wonderful as it is to have had that moment, it will never be enough. We should have had more moments.

  2. Prayers for you as I have nothing else to offer. I pray it will be a consolation for you to know that I pray for you.

  3. ((((Robin)))) Beautiful photo.

  4. Glad to see that an Episcopalian was involved. Peace, hope, and serenity be with you.

  5. Love the picture of you and Josh at the beach. I'm sure that the retreat was wonderful!