Friday, May 17, 2013

Almost J.D.

As I said on FB, it's been a long time since a robe and hood like these hung in my hallway, newly pressed and awaiting the next day's law school graduation.  1979, to be exact.
Tomorrow Matt joins three generations of Craig law school graduates.  In order: my uncle, me, my cousin, and my half-brother.  Matt's the one named Williams, and I'm the one who went on to something else. 
I haven't practiced law since 2000, but as a pastor I use those lawyer skills every day: reading, analyzing, writing writing writing and, oh yeah, talking, in one form or another.  For the past two days, I've been preparing to lead the Ohio delegation to the annual American Foundation for Suicide Prevention D.C. Advocacy Forum ~ more lawyer skills at work.
Sometimes I wonder whether I will be called to use both sets of skills ~ ministerial and lawyerly ~ in service to the church.  Who knows?
I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today for the practice of law. 
But mostly, I'm very proud and excited, and looking not back, but ahead.
Yay, Matt!  Well done!

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  1. My hearty congrats to Matt! May his career bring him fulfillment and joy!