Sunday, May 19, 2013

Learn Law. Live Justice.

Today's post title comes from the motto of the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.  We heard it repeatedly yesterday as our Matt was graduated cum laude.  It gave me tremendous cause to think about my own life.  But . . .
For now, I'm celebrating Matt, and our family.  If you've been a reader of this blog, then you know a little about what it has taken for all of us to reach this milestone.  I suppose that this particular graduation has a little extra significance for me.  When I went to law school, it simply seemed "the next thing" to do.  High school - check.  A.B. - check.  J.D. - check.  Now that I've observed the process from the outside, I have more appreciation for what it entails. 
And this particular process?  Matt came home that day we learned that his twin brother died and hasn't left.  He went to work as a server at Aladdin's for two years, pulling himself together and pondering the future.  (The legal job market being what it is, he's back there a couple of nights a week while he studies for the bar exam.)
And then: law school on a full merit scholarship, a summer studying international law in Russia, a summer clerking for a judge in Seychelles, and externships with the offices of the U.S. Attorney  and the County Public Defender. 
He's soaked up every aspect of legal education he could possibly have fit into the past three years, and he's done it well.   I am one very proud mother.



  1. You all have every right to be proud!

  2. What a great picture. Congratulations!

  3. Thank you for summarizing his journey. The updates get lost in the hubris but the whole summary is amazing. Congratulations to all of you but most especially to Matt on completing this phase - I hope the bar goes smoothly and the job comes quickly!

  4. What an awesome accomplishment ~ celebrate with great pride, Robin. Blessings. Shelly

  5. So many congratulations. Wow.

  6. " I am one very proud mother." And so you have every right to be! Congratulations to you both from Linda G.