Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Attorney Fashion

Yesterday it was our privilege to go to Columbus to watch our son, along with 500 other new attorneys, be sworn in as members of the Ohio Bar.  (Five hundred others had been sworn in during a morning session.)
My favorite part ~ aside from watching my son ~ was observing the fashion parade of the female attorneys as they walked onstage to receive their certificates. Almost every one of them was wearing an elegant black suit, most with skirts, some with pants (and yes, I remember mine).
But it was the shoes that were particularly wonderful.  The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, all covered up in her black judicial robe, wore red heels like those pictured above, and so did many of the young women.  Gleaming, high, high heels in varying shades of red and maroon.  Several of them had long, flowing locks a la Kate Middleton.  The one young lady we know who was sworn in during the morning session always looks especially glamorous, with her long blond waves and fabulous wardrobe, and someone who might have been her twin made an afternoon appearance, in a black pantsuit with an emerald green blouse.
As I watched another young woman absolutely glide across the stage, dressed entirely in black, including an elegant jacket buttoned diagonally across the front, her hair swept up into a sophisticated style, my first thought was that she must be a dancer, and my second, "That's who I'd like to represent me in complicated litigation!"  At about the age of 25, she exuded complete class and presence.
I told my son afterward that I didn't, at the time, think of law school as such an arduous process ~ it seemed like a natural post-college progression ~ but that watching him these past four years, from LSAT to admission, I see what a marathon it is.  I'm so glad that the women have some fashion fun with it! 

And I myself need some new shoes.


  1. New shoes? Yes!

    Red with three inch heels would be good, also blue sparkly ones (I have some of those) and perhaps a celebratory green.

    Marshall's is often a good place to start for fun shoes.

    Meanwhile, for the two shows I am doing at the Fabulous Food Show this weekend, not with Martha Stewart though, I am wearing flats onstage


  2. More congratulations than can be expressed here to your son and the whole family, especially his mom, a woman for all seasons.

    Eve again

  3. Please give him my heartiest congratulations. I hope it's going to be a fun, fulfilling calling for him!

  4. DSW! DSW! I wouldn't have any shoes without DSW! You can bring your son along to find the right kind of shoes that'll help him go toe-to-toe with those lovely, impossibly polished young female attorneys.

    Many congratulations! What a fantastic occasion.