Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Preparing the Way . . . Or Not: Music I

I don't know how or where you are these days, so I will simply say that, for me, music was a long time coming back.  Music ~ so important to my life of prayer, of celebration, of sadness, of driving (!), of everything ~ for at least a year after Josh died, I couldn't stand to listen to it.  I recall slipping a copy of  Vivaldi's Four Seasons into the car's CD player that first winter and nearly driving off the road.  It sounded . . . sour, bitter, off key . . .    .  It was months before I tried again.
So when I offer some music as preparation for Thanksgiving, it's with those memories of enforced silence in mind.  Listen or not, as you are able.


  1. I had a similar experience with music. My son's passion was music, he was a phenomenal classical and jazz pianist. I couldn't (and still can't) listen to so much music because I miss him playing those pieces. I also found myself unable to listen to my usual NPR programs ... it all bothered me so much and seemed so pointless. It was almost a year before I could stand to listen to the radio again and even now I can only listen to certain music. Most of our large CD collection is just collecting dust for the time being.

    1. So many and vast are the ways in which we and our lives are changed. If anyone had told me, Before, that there would be a year in my life without music, I would have laughed them off. But it turned out to be a small loss in comparison to the greater one.

  2. Robin, you and the vast number of others who miss loved ones will be in my prayers as you move through Thanksgiving in the U.S. Blessings and prayers.