Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Picking Up a Pen . . .

OK, not a pen.
But I've blogged very little this year, and I do think that I'll pick that up again.
What am I wondering about these days?
Ministry, the church, the world, of course.  What are we doing??? Yesterday, I took some time to write out my thoughts about what my call to ministry entails and then a job description based on what I actually do on a daily basis.  Few points of intersection ~ much to consider there.
What happens to relationships in the wake of earth-shaking loss?  The picture isn't a pretty one.
Spiritual direction ~ what's that all about?  I mean, I know what it's about; perhaps it's where I want to focus my life much more completely?  I am accompanying someone through the Spiritual Exercises ~ fifth time, which isn't a lot for five years, but it's such a huge commitment that I can't manage it with more than one person at a time.  As always, though, I am in awe.
Preaching ~ what's that all about?  How much I wish I had had a series of decent preaching courses in seminary! 
I am a bit envious of my son as he begins his new law practice.  He's in court nearly every day, and learning quickly that the practice of law is about far more than advocating for folks in adversarial contexts.  It's about being present to them, about letting them know that they are heard, and about helping to quell the fears arising from uncertainty and lack of control. 
Suicide prevention.  Is there such a thing, really?  I spend a lot of time and effort on projects in the hope that there is. 
Aging.  Sixty-one next month.  Thinking a lot about what I would do if I had less than a decade left.  Not in a morose kind of way, but in a priority-setting kind of way.  I really don't have my act together at all.
Grief.  Learning to live alongside it.  I guess it gets better, in the sense that I am more functional all the time.  Clarity of thought has become a reasonable expectation on most days.  But the pain of it -- oh, God. 
Intentional solitude.  I need a lot more of that.  I have LOTS of time alone, but I am making a poor showing where taking advantage of it is concerned. 
Books.  I have been reading.  A lot.
So, yeah.  More writing.  In shorter gusts, I think.


  1. So very, very glad you are picking up pen.

  2. I knew you could never be gone from here for good... ;)