Saturday, November 21, 2015

Litany for Closing Our Church Tomorrow

After some introductory prayers, we will pray:
One:    For the church universal, of which this building has been a symbol.
All:     Hear our prayer.
One:    For your words to us in Scripture, in this Bible held by Elder FH, words which
             have been proclaimed and studied and prayed and sung in this congregation.
All:     We thank you, O God, who spoke creation into being, and     
            who speaks still.
One:   For your nourishment of your people through a holy meal, symbolized by this plate  
            and cup carried by Elders DK and BG,  
All:    We thank you, O God, who has offered food and drink to your   
           creatures from the wheat of the field and the fruit of the vine.
One:    For the waters of baptism, through which we are named and claimed as              
             your beloved, symbolized by the font carried by Elder SR.
All:     We thank you, O God, who turns the waters of chaos into the
            waters of blessing.
One:    For the sound of music, through which we express joy and sorrow, and in which
             we find inspiration and hope, symbolized by the hymnal held by Elder DE.
All:     We thank you, O God of song, of poetry, of keyboard and strings, and
            of trumpet and cymbal. 

One:    For sending Jesus Christ, Light of the World, into our congregation and into our
             lives, and for accompanying us on the journey ahead, lighting our way with the  
             candles carried by Elders AE and SA and offered to the congregation as sources of    
             light, signs of the eternal presence of Creator, Son, and Spirit.
All:     We thank you, Lord of Light, who guides us ever onward.

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