Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter - 1989 - St. Augustine

I think I posted this last year in another blog. The boys would have been four-and-a-half and The Lovely Daughter one-and-a-half. Look at those blonde heads!

I went to the Easter Vigil service tonight and I made it from beginning to end. It was like running a marathon. I can't imagine how I will get through through the Easter morning service in my field ed church.

The Easter Vigil readings cover the entire arc of Scripture. For me, it was kind of like going in and out of consciousness. There are places in the story where I connect out of some almost reflexive hope, and then I slip back into those dark hours before dawn, before the Exodus, before creation.

I suppose that each spring a little bit more of the story will come into focus, and perhaps the light of Sunday will crack open the Terrible Sadness of Saturday. But I can see that we are talking about a project of many years.


  1. Sometimes just making from beginning to end is a big deal. Especially this service. Will offer my prayers for your Morning Service.

    I think it takes a lifetime to realise that you are changed permanently by your son's death and you will not be who you were before it, again. I offer you my prayers for this part of the road, prayers of gentleness and quiet.

  2. I am off to our morning service ... and keeping you in my heart as I go.

    What a beautiful picture.

  3. beautiful mom, beautiful babies...all cradled in your loving arms.

  4. Amazing picture--thank you for sharing it.

    Had you on my mind and heart this morning as Ladybug and I drove to church in the recent sunrise, and throughout the early service.

    I hope the morning was not too much of an ordeal and pray that there will be some rest and grace, and if at all possible, consolation, now.

  5. Lovely. Thank you for sharing. I remember that for Easter 1989 I was pregnant. Resurrection reassures us. Easter blessings.

  6. Also, I just noticed that this picture is labeled St. Augustine.

    I was born there.

    I felt a little hum of connection.