Friday, May 28, 2010

The Spiritual Task of Household Composition ~ 2

You thought I had forgotten all about it, didn't you?

The truth is: I am at a complete loss.

I am lying on the wicker loveseat in the library, looking at the shelves and shelves and shelves of books and realizing that I need to think, first, about what my priorities in reading, collecting, and saving are.  A lot of my photography materials are in here, along with a lot of but by no means all of our books.

I think one priority might be access.  Which means, God help me, organization.  I mean, it would be nice to go in search of a book and be able to find it within a couple of minutes.  As opposed to concluding that the only solution is to go to Borders and buy another copy.

Another might be a sense of space, peace, and beauty.  Which is to say that not every square inch needs to be jammed with printed material.  Some of these shelves should be reserved for pottery and photos.  Apparently some pillars and sculptures would be good as well.

A third priority might be a cat.  Actually, that would be my first, but it is a matter of some contention here.

Look at that!  Stained glass of a cat in a library!  And look at how magically things fall into place in the presence of feline oversight!

The fact that this is my third blog post in less than 12 hours should be some indication of just how overwhelmed and unmotivated I am by the messy material world I inhabit.


  1. By all means, you should obtain a cat. I highly recommend them...

  2. Hah! Organizing is such a cumbersome activity. But it does make life lighter and easier. Good luck on your wall of books!