Friday, May 21, 2010

Winding Down

I'm trying to finish my Last Paper Ever. I can't say that I'm exactly overwhelmed by motivation.  If I didn't admire the professor so much and want him to feel that his efforts have been worthwhile, I'm not sure that I'd be up to it.

In between . . . lunch today with my former department chair at my former teaching job, so lots of news about my former students.  (Lots of "formers" in my life!) My final class of ninth graders are about to graduate, heading off to Israel for a year and then to some wonderful colleges.

Tomorrow, breakfast with a friend I haven't really talked with in ages, and then a late afternoon RevGal meet-up.

Sunday - Nope, I am not going to church for Pentecost. I am quite worn out with celebratory Sundays.  They've been very difficult for me all year.  But I am going to a concert in the evening, as The Lovely Daughter sings with a local choral group, and then I am going to try to put in a last minute appearance at the party celebrating the 80th birthday of Wonderful and Wise Former Spiritual Director.  (Another former!  But not former in friendship.)

Monday, back to Pittsburgh to put the final touches on my paper and pack up and then - home again!  A stack of thank you notes await my effort, as does my new and arduous life of unemployment.

I seem to have decided to attend both our graduation and the baccalaureate service the night before, egged on mostly by friends who want to celebrate together.  I suppose that's a good thing?


  1. I know a few things about life as an unemployed really helps to stay busy - although in your case you may want to be busy resting...I do hope you can enjoy some the graduation celebration(s)...but I totally understand the desire to not go to church on Pentecost. I think I'll be at the dog park that is a place of joy and delight for me. Thinking of you and holding you in prayer as this season of study comes to an end....

  2. As a catholic I am inclined to think of Sundays by colour ... and by this time of year I long for the peace and simplicity of green Sundays, or Ordinary time. Pentecost, Trinity Sunday are several High Holy Days too many. So I am also considering sliding on around attending Mass this week.

    You seem to be in slack water between your former life and your new life, what ever that may be. I hope you find peace as the tides begin to flow again.

    Will hold you especially in my thoughts and prayers this weekend.

  3. Perhaps celebrating with friends who want to be with you is just the right thing. What's the saying - "A joy shared is multiplied?" I hope it's so for you - you deserve joy and celebration.

  4. Love to you Robin. May the celebrations be for you what you need.

  5. Praying you will enjoy the graduation celebrations and also for your future call.

  6. I can't wait to see what you and the Spirit will be doing...