Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good Reading Today

It's heating and humidifying up again, my jaw aches from a replacement filling yesterday, and I basically have nothing whatever to contribute to the world.  But that hasn't stopped anyone else:

A brilliant exploration of the doctrine of original sin, via Miranda Priestly (pun intended?)/Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.

Planning your next trip to Rome?  Have to do it from home?  Addicted to Renaissance art?  Check out these links.

A few days ago, I discovered a fantastic blog ~ filled with all kinds of riches.  As you know, I took a Hauerwas class last spring, and for obvious reasons I spend a lot of time thinking about what ministry is (and what seminary education was for me).  Here's a post that combines it all.

And finally, staring me in the face at the grocery (hey, it's air-conditioned) a couple of hours ago: Did your kindergarten teacher matter?  More than you might have imagined.

How could I have known when I was sleeping on my little rug in Ohio (first half of kindergarten) or drawing gulls over the the ocean in Florida (second half), it would all coalesce into Meryl Streep, Michaelangelo, and the language of faith?


  1. The movie was better than the book and the whole thing was quite a lesson.

    A friend who is a lower level T-Mobil executive went to see the movie because their (at that time) latest phone was being featured.

    I went to see it because of Meryl Streep and was aghast that mere clothing and fashion should be taken as religion in these circles. Having said that, I just waved goodbye to a friend from church who is gathering bras, new or gently used, for those women who can't afford undies. Even though the book was a fictionalized version of the author's work at a magazine, how important can fashion be when people don't even have unders?

    No, this post is not about original sin, just the sins of excess/


  2. Loved Hauerwas. Describes my experience of ordained ministry exactly...and reminds me of why I fought the concept of ordination for so long....

  3. I need to get me some Hauerwas. Didn't get hardly any Stanley in seminary. :(