Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Kinda long, but not too long, and worth reading. 

Bonus Question for Churchgoers: Is there a flag in your church sanctuary? 


  1. A bit too deep for me to absorb.

    "That is why in America hospitals have become our cathedrals and physicians are our priests. I'd even argue that America's almost pathological reliance on medicine is but a domestic manifestation of its foreign policy. America is a culture of death because Americans cannot conceive of how life is possible in the face of death. And thus 'freedom' comes to stand for the attempt to live as though we will not die."

    I want to read this again (and again).

    No flag in sanctuary. Of course someone said it's because if they had a flag it would be the stars and bars.

  2. most of the churches I've been in have had flags (both American and Episcopal) in the sanctuary...a few have had then in the nave...and one had them outside only - that I thought was the best option. I've been taught that we are not worshiping an American God but a global God and therefore flags are not appropriate in the sanctuary. Unfortunately as this articles states, most people do not feel that way and are unconvinced by any teaching that aims at a broader view of God. It's weird. Have you read Diana Butler Bass "Broken We Kneel" (I think that's the title)....you might appreciate it as a follow up to this...

  3. I am not American but come from a country with English colonial roots. So sure, the Anglican Cathedral(the unofficial state church) had flags in the Sanctuary, as did my sons school, as the Jesuits had been closely involved with the colonisation process in this country. Most of these flags were Colours - war flags.

    As a young woman, when there was a war on, I wondered about the incongruity of war flags in a church. I used to wonder how God would tell which side was right. I still do.

    I know I felt great relief when the war flags were taken out of the chapel and stored in the archives. That seemed appropriate. But many Old Boys and parents and general others objected strongly, much to my bewilderment. To borrow from Mompriest - it's weird.

  4. No flag in the sanctuary. And thought provoking, particularly given a conversation yesterday...