Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sally Draper II

So no one is interested in Miss Sally?

She's going to grow up to be a pastor, you know.


  1. I do like Sally and I agree that she will be very interesting to watch during this season, and beyond. The actress who plays her is fantastic and conveys so much emotion in her facial expressions and body movements. And the painful relationship with her mother is too much at times. She pulls it off very well.

    I wonder what will happen to her as she matures--and I hope the show is around long enough so we can see her as a teenager. Will she discover her father's true identity? How will she handle it? How will she acknowledge and/or understand her mother's treatment of her? Their divorce? Will she turn to drugs? Move far away from her family? Guess I am getting ahead of myself. She is only...what...11? 12?

    And I found it "funny"--and also true to the characters--that the baby was simply referred to as "the baby" and not by name (of course I can't recall the name either).

    I sometimes cannot wait for the show to reach the end just so I can see what happens to everyone!

  2. The baby is Gene, named for Betty's father. Which alternately scares and infuriates Sally.

    My guess on Sally: kicked out of boarding school for smoking marijuana, brilliant like her father so still gets to go to Radcliffe and Columbia Law, starts her legal career at Skadden Arps . . . and as a divorced mother of two finds her way to seminary. Episcopal Church, I'm thinking.

  3. hmmmm....interesting life trajectory :)

    I think she'll wander a bit before she finds her true calling. And once she discovers her father's past, she will be torn between her devotion to him and her antipathy toward her mother. She may even "side" with Betty and reject Don, which will crush Don since she is probably the only female he truly cares about (or one of the few).

  4. I enjoy your synopses and it sounds interesting but we don't have that kind of cable and I haven't had the time or energy to try to see if it's on hulu or someplace else.

  5. another thing we don't have in common. Margaret and I got the beginning of the series from netflix and just didn't dig it enough to continue, and we don't have cable either.

  6. No cable, I've been watching it on iTunes, which means a day or so delay. I was 6, and in first grade in 1964, it's a time I remember clearly. I had a baby brother named Eugene for his grandfather, too -- maybe that's why I'm drawn to the show?