Thursday, August 12, 2010

Next Generation(s) on the Move

The Lovely Daughter will be home in less than a week and will begin orientation right away for her master's program in social work.

The Gregarious Son is downtown doing a lot of miscellaneous law school administrative stuff ~ ID, parking, things like that.   Last week I went down to the bookstore with him and shook my head at his purchases.  For all the technological changes in our world, casebooks look exactly like they did thirty years ago.  His orientation is also next week.

And . . .  as of this afternoon, one of my two nieces (sisters, daughters of my husband's brother and his wife) who is expecting . . .  is in labor!


  1. You mean to tell me that the law books aren't available for the Kindle--or other e-readers? That's bad!! Would save the Gregarious Son lots of money and an aching back and arm from toting those suckers around.

  2. QG, I don't even know.

    One of my professors pointed out last spring, when one of my classmates brought his Kindle to class, that they are useless for academic purposes, since they aren't paginated per the original text, so you can't cite them. I'm sure someone will figure a solution quickly -- either inserting the publishers' page numbers into the Kindle text or developing a Kindle citation system.

  3. Literally...on the move. What is it like to have Gregarious Son moving in the direction of one of your former vocations?

  4. I love it too. Strange how life keeps moving despite everything else. Someone must have planned it that way.