Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reasons I Love Camp

The Lovely Daughter finishes this year's camp counseling stint tomorrow.  I've been trying to keep up with the camp website since she's been down there ~ even counselor moms hope to catch a glimpse of their kids in the pictures.

Anyway, every day I am reminded of what an incredible place camp is, and here are two reasons.  From the director's post one day:

"You also notice a group of young Huck Finners who made a raft with Levi and Taylor.  Making a raft is not that easy and it takes some intricate tying to get it so it’s water worthy.  Then you have to be sure you have enough buoyancy to keep it afloat.  They did well on the construction but it didn’t quite float in the water as high as they wanted it to.  It went from building a raft to building a submarine.  In any event the task overall was fun especially when they christened it and set sail (well almost).  Just getting a chance to build something like that is what being a young boy is all about.  We hope to have some girls working on future rafts as well.  Gwynn Valley is an equal opportunity builder."

Hoe often in today's ultra-competitive kids' world  does a sinking raft project simply morph into a submarine project?

And a couple of days ago I noticed, in a  group of pictures of performances in the lodge one evening:

Two GOATS onstage.

Image: Camp Speed Limit, 2006.

PS: I was wrong!  She doesn't come home for another week.  :(


  1. Is there a camp for grown ups? I'd love to go.

  2. "Camp"--one of the best four-letter words ever. How about a camp for bereaved parents? That sounds healing.

    Welcome home to your favorite camp counselor.

  3. No arguments from me on the virtues and benefits of camp.

  4. Oh, pooh! Another week without LD. The camp sounds wonderful if it has counselors like her!