Friday, December 17, 2010

Literally LOL

We're going to Cedar Key FL for Christmas.  We've been before ~ it's basically a little fishing/kayaking/birding/artsy place.  Very quiet; what our family needs for these oh-so-difficult holidays.

But I did quite literally chortle when I started looking around a little while ago and found "Thomas Guest Cottage."  I hope this link works:,+Levy,+Florida&gl=us&layer=xc&g=cedar+key&sll=29.138578,-83.035121&sspn=0.038987,0.06403&ll=29.134062,-83.03403&spn=0.077671,0.154324&z=13&cbll=29.134062,-83.03403&cbp=12,0,,0,5&photoid=po-11065568

It does work ~ but you have to paste it in yourself and then wait for the photo to appear.  Believe me, it's worth the wait.


  1. well, it's naturally air conditioned...LOL

  2. Cedar Key is not too far from me --- a matter of hours! Beautifully simple and mostly untouched.