Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On This Night On This Very Christmas Night

I think that Tran - Siberian Orchestra first came to my attention around three or four years ago, with that video of the house with the wild Christmas lights playing to the music that made the rounds for awhile. 

We discovered that they come here for a couple of concerts every year, but we postponed buying tickets in 2007 because Josh was spending the holidays with his girlfriend and her family and I wanted us all to go together.  Maybe the next year in Chicago, I thought.

I think now that I will never be able to go.  

But this is the one contemporary Christmas song playing on the radio that I really like, and tonight I decided to try and find it and discovered that it's TSO music.

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  1. Who can ever imagine all the painful obscure links and loss triggers layered in our hearts? Another sad reminder of Josh's absence, every time the music comes on. Pain. So very sorry.