Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Week of Advent: Resources

We finally got the tree decorated.  Because life is nothing if not ironic, it would have to be this year, the first in four in which I have had the slightest interest in Christmas, and the one in which, since I am sleeping on a recliner in the living room, I would have much enjoyed the lights, that we could barely pull it off.  The demands of the Quiet Husband's work, his mother's heart surgery, and my own recovery, combined with the kids' exam periods, have all conspired to keep Christmas, and even Advent, at bay.

But the tree is up and with a week to go ~ the week of the O Antiphons! ~ I have some wonderful sites to share.

Instructions for an Advent Daily Examen: Longing for the Lord.

Advent Examen Meditations combined with the O Antiphons; as with the above, an offering of the Missouri Province Jesuits.

Artwork for the O Antiphons and Advent in general from  The Virtual Abbey; HT to Meredith Gould, who also provides all the Scriptural references for the O Antiphons.

And it looks like there will also be reflections for this final week on Dating God as well.

Hmmmm . . .  Maybe I'll write some, too.

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  1. We skipped the tree this year...put up the wreath and decorated the mantle..but no tree. And it's ok. The presents aren't cancelled. : ) But I'm glad you can enjoy the lights while you snooze in the recliner. I'll be snoozing in mine. : )