Monday, December 5, 2011

Still Got It?

I met with my student today, was convinced that the plagiarism was unintentional, and offered another chance, along with some hefty instruction on the citation of sources.

"I see that this is what is expected," he concluded. 

"Believe me; I didn't make it up," I said.

As I was leaving, I stopped to chat with one of the graduate assistants.  "I guess I'm the biggest pushover on the planet," I remarked.  

"Oh, no," she said.  "I thought you handled it really well.  In fact, I was thinking that what you said to him, about how and why it matters, was really good ~ I should remember it."

I've been in quite a bit of pain today.  Nice to know that I can still pull off an unpleasant meeting, regardless of my own situation.

But I am still angry at my students' high school teachers, as I have been all semester.  These young people are so woefully unprepared for college.  How did it become my job to teach them sixth grade writing expectations?


  1. I hate to be the wah-wah girl, but isn't everything in our culture, from a character standpoint, in a state of decline? Parents too busy making money and going on dates to make time to train their children, I think. So there I go...wah-wah. Anyway, thankful for teachers like you. And mercy is generally a good idea. We all need it.
    Hope you are feeling a bit stronger every day.
    Much love, Karen EAST

  2. Karen my lovely friend, I respectfully and lovingly disagree.

    I think most of my friends have been excellent parents, and many of ours were not. I am surrounded everyday by a community committed to its children, its schools, and its public places.

    And overall, I think our country and world are much better places than they were 50 years ago.

    There's still an awful lot of shoddy teaching going on, though. ;)

  3. Well, that just cheered me up. I love the positive perspective. It's not easy for me to see sometimes. Good news is always welcome and I will ponder your words. Love you, friend.