Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Made My Day

I've had a lot more energy in the just the past couple of days, and I've been able to give much more focused attention to my work in the last week ~ which has made me painfully aware of how spacey I was for most of the fall.  My poor religious studies students!  I did the best I could, but the ordination and church call would have spread me a bit thin all on their own.  Add a cancer diagnosis and at least one and up to four doctor visits pretty much every week, and then a mailbox that filled up and closed down and spewed student papers into the hinterlands while I was completely out of it ~ well, I was just hoping that they learned something.  Anything.

And then this arrived via email after today's final, from a thoughtful older student who is at a place in life where he is making decisions about his education with great care:

"Thank you for a wonderful class! This class was one of the main reasons I choose to transfer to this school, and it surpassed my expectations."



  1. Nice!! Having been one, I have a fondness for older students. :)

  2. You teach so much through your blog, I can't imagine the delight of being a student in your classroom. Very blessed students! I am still praying for you and am glad you feel that prayer. I am glad you have so many there caring for your needs. It certainly makes the long, difficult path of recovery so much more comfortable. Hope the holidayblues aren't taking a toll. I tell myself that this too shall pass.
    Hugs and love to you, dear friend.
    Karen EAST

  3. No surprise that he felt this way. So nice of him to tell you so. And nice of you to share it with us!