Monday, May 21, 2012

On To New Adventures!

There she goes, Ms. Master of Science in Social Administration. The Lovely Daughter started her first all-grown-up job last week, at the Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership.  She'll be working on housing issues in a city that has seen hard times as industry has vanished.  As we looked for an apartment and moved her in last week, we saw a lot of the city ~ a typical courthouse-centered town square and outlying edges that in some areas are well-maintained and heavily populated and in others are filled with run-down and vacant houses.

I'm making some changes of my own.  The blogs are about to undergo some major housekeeping, this one mostly via the coming and going of links.  I still read all kinds of blogs (if you could see my google reader!), but as blogging has changed, so have I.  I'm abandoning the effort to comment on blogs whose writers seldom or never reciprocate, whether by blog, FB, and/or email.  I am often guilty of the same, so I'm going to refocus on actual blogging relationships that go both ways.

I've left Well of Hope pretty much alone, but I think it's going to become a topical blog, focused on suicide survivorship.  A lot of people have little interest in that topic, understandably enough, but those who do are often famished ~ desperate for companionship, knowledge, or simply someone who is willing and able to articulate their deepest thoughts.  So I'm going to play hostess to a small  space for us.

Stay tuned!


  1. God's blessings on Marissa as she begins her new adventure in helping others in her new professional capacity. Beautiful hair incidentally!!
    God's blessings on you, Robin, as you rethink how to reconfigure your blogs. I'm looking forward to whatever changes you make.

  2. Isn't it amazing how threshold moments such as a graduation allow all of us to take a breath and maybe change direction!

    Like Lynda, I'm looking forward to being your companion on the journey with whatever changes you make. It's just so important to me to be able to stay connected!

  3. Important work to be done--by both Marissa and you. Glad to see that you are re-developing your suicide survivor's blog. So very valuable-- a hospital for the wounded.