Saturday, May 26, 2012

Real Grown-Up Furniture!

When the kid were very small, we used the second floor library as a family room, because the sunroom downstairs was freezing cold most of the year.  Over time, however, the library became the catch-all space: piles and piles of books and papers, and no where to sit.

Transformation!  We still need to purge the bookshelves, and that "Large Box" is sort of like a kitchen junk drawer at the moment.  But the new chairs and ottomans are wonderful!


  1. My idea of heaven - comfortable chairs, windows, fireplace and all those books!!

    1. Lynda, we haven't used that fireplace in years, because the room has been such a junkpile. I am really looking forward to next winter. I stood in our bedroom doorway to take that picture; it will be so nice to debate: read in bed, or in front of the fireplace?

  2. That room connects to your bedroom? I am doubly envious! Fireplace...natural light...beautiful built-in bookcases...

  3. A fireplace...and the chairs, what a marvelous place to curl up!!!

  4. Lovely, and comfortable, too! I do love a fireplace!

  5. Looks like a great place to sit and read or talk or pray ... just to be!

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