Friday, June 29, 2012

Flip Side

On a cheerier note, as I head out at the crack of dawn to hang out with lots and lots of Presbyterians:

The news a few minutes ago included a weather report (the heat!) from Atlanta.  "Look!" I said to my husband.  "Those kids are playing in the Olympic circles fountain, where Josh is standing in that photo we have!"

I remember the Olympic summer; as we were dropping kids off at camp in North Carolina, many of the counselors, half of whom are international, were talking about plans for going to the competitions on week-ends off.  The photo, which just happens to be in my sidebar, was taken several years later, when Josh himself was a counselor spending a week-end in Atlanta.

It gave me a lot of pleasure tonight, thinking about the good times he had during those North Carolina summers.


  1. Sweet! (a little sad, but sweet)...

  2. I'm so glad that you received some consolation today after the desolation of yesterday.