Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ten Questions (Thanks to PFO)

A few days ago I posted a bit about my struggle with a post on my one my favorite blogs. ( I think that the original post generated some other responses, as I have noted a few words quietly written by others addressing the value, or lack thereof, of extreme suffering.)

Yesterday, I had the opposite experience -- and it's only fair to give credit and offer gratitude where due.  Yesterday's People for Others post offered Ten Questions for our consideration.  The first two are "Lord, what is your desire for me?" and "Lord, where can I serve you today?"  (Head on over to the site for the remaining eight, and for the conversation the questions provoked.)

As I was skimming the internet yesterday morning, I was also pulling together the final pieces a funeral service after nearly a week during which much of my time had been spent with a family reeling from an unexpected loss.  At such a time, it's easy to become distracted:  What does this or that person want?  What's appropriate?  How many bulletins do we need? What's behind that person's behavior?  What about the children who are going to participate?  Will it be elegant and beautiful, solemn and meaningful, gentle and consoling? Will I be able to direct the grieving congregation's attention to God? What on earth happened to the candle-lighter?

I am so grateful that those ten questions popped up on my computer screen and provided a focus that stayed with me all day. 

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  1. Robin, as a pastor you have so much to think about and it is so difficult to remain focussed because the small practical details are also important. I prayed yesterday that you would be led by the Holy Spirit and that all would be well. God bless you as you prepare for your time away and may it be a time of rest and refreshment.