Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Some months ago I gave the Pinterest website a try.  My email was subsequently hacked and phished, and I think that the timing was not coincidental.  Sloppy password decisions.  

I shut my Pinterest boards down (and changed all my passwords to everything), but a few weeks ago I wandered back again.  I love my playtime there.  It's utterly relaxing to engage in a purely visual activity, pinning images of things and places and artwork for the sake of pure enjoyment.

I'm sure, enjoyment aside, that there is deep and dark psychology behind the board choices.  Among my most used is one entitled "Doors."  So far it includes ordinary doors, archways, and natural doorway formations.  I suppose that all those doors that are so appealing to me represent something about my ambivalence about moving forward in life, that oh-so-common blend of curiosity and resistance.  I notice that a lot of people have boards focused on doors, windows, archways, and other sorts of means of passage.

Interesting, isn't it?  Pinterest Rorschach images.


  1. I have yet to venture into the Pinterest arena....but this idea that people are fascinated with doors and doorways is intriguing...

  2. Hi Robin. I am always a bit wary of replying to a post with links to my blog as it smells of self promotion, but in this case I am going to throw caution to the wind as I think it will add to what you write here and hope you willfind it useful.
    Two years ago I did a series of four posts on the symbolism of doors and prayer
    The first of these posts is here
    The other three should be easy to find if you search the archives on my blog in July 2010 or search using Doors and prayer.The reflections are based on Joyce Rupp's brilliant book Open The Door.I got it from the library and recommend it. Doors are pretty well known as archetypal images and there is a rich spirituality around thresholds and rites of passage.Please let me know if you have difficulty in finding all the posts and I can send you the direct individual links to them.

    1. Philomena, I am so excited to see this! I was hoping that this would be a lighter post than most of my recent ones, so I didn't add this: A couple of years ago three internet friends and I, bereaved mothers all, spent months reading and blogging Open the Door together, section by section. We were all at a point where we wanted to cross the threshold into the next place, a bit past the terrible and overwhelming grief that had overtaken our lives. We posted lots of images of doors! So I'm actually not surprised by their appearance on my Pinterest boards, and I'm looking forward to your posts.

    2. Thanks Robin. We have synchronicity !! I love it when this happens. :-)))

  3. My pinterest revelation: 95% of my recipes are "yum...desserts" and my metabolism is one which processes carbs extremely quickly and therefore losing weight is so.very.hard. :-)

  4. Read your post yesterday and this one today


    A message perhaps?

    Love, love Joyce Rupp.