Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Girls Only (Breast Cancer and Ministry)

So this afternoon I was at the hospital, where a lovely lady had been brought following an apparently terrible fall.  She was extremely disoriented and agitated, and several of us were needed to help calm her, physically, which meant that I had to contort my body over her bed in various ways.

A little later, walking down the hallway, I realized that something had slipped.  I was able to make a quick and, I hope, subtle adjustment, but it did cause me to wonder: what would I have done if it had fallen out?  There I would have been in a public hallway with some of my parishoners, and also some extended family members I had met only moments earlier, looking at the floor in dismay.

I suppose that I would have scooped it off the linoleum, said, "This is what a fake boob looks like, in case you've ever wondered," and plopped it back in.

On the upside, and no pun intended, and it's not really an upside at all, at least two of the women in that little group have had breast cancer, so they wouldn't have been much bothered.

I'm guessing that guy pastors don't have to think about these things. 


  1. No doubt guy pastors do not think about, nor experience such....I remember before I had my hysterectomy always being worrited on Sunday mornings - just how long could I be away from a bathroom? And what might happen when I stood up...I really did not relish the real potential for tell-tale signs of my physical distress. Thankfully I was spared on Sunday morning, but not on other occasions. And could I talk about it...explain why I was antsy or left often for the ladies room? Not so much.

    Anyway - I hear you loud and clear....

  2. These are the things that we don't consider as we are so happy to have our friend or loved one still with us. But there are so many considerations that become apparent later and can be difficult adjustments. You are a strong person but, at times, you need to give yourself permission just to be tired of being strong.

    Blessings and prayers for you.