Thursday, January 31, 2013

Aging - I

I'm titling this post "Aging - I" because I have a feeling that there will be some sequels . . .

I spend a lot of time with elderly people.  The ones I call "my" people because they are members of  my church, or friends of my members.

In the past year or so, they have welcomed me into:

a somewhat worn and basic, albeit clean and friendly, nursing home

a much more attractive nursing home

assisted living apartments and their associated nursing and dementia and rehab units

the local hospice facility in the country

the hospice facility on Lake Erie with its spectacular views

intensive care units in three cities

emergency and pre-op rooms

hospital rooms in four cities

a mental health ward in another city

homes all over the place in which people are recovering from all of the above (except hospice, of course).

Two of my people died while I was with them; three others within a couple of days of my last visit.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit a new baby and her mom and their four cats.  They're all beautiful and the mom is SO excited about her baby and her family's new life.  I could see that she is already a GREAT mom.

All connected.  More on another day.


  1. For his Diaconate class Joe recently had to do a Genogram. We have a big posterboard with his family and various lines and letters designating 'alcoholism' 'mental illness' 'divorce' 'death' 'conflict' etc.

    His connection to his grandmother and great-grandmother is powerful, and in the center. He has revisited a lot of emotion and old hurt.

    At the same time he realized that for three years now he has been visiting, twice a week, a retirement community here - taking communion, saying a rosary and just generally visiting with these elderly women. One man shows up sometimes, but mostly it is these elderly women.

    And they love him and his deep voice, and his blue eyes, and his stability and consistency.

    And he realized that he loves them too.

    Powerful stuff.