Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Faces of Hope

I wonder sometimes about posting these photos.  I know how hard certain photos are for me.  Much as I rejoice with my friends as their sons grow into adulthood -- and as one of mine does as well -- I miss my Josh and all that he might have been.  And with two very good friends who have lost daughters, I know some of the feelings that must stir in them as they see the beauty of other young women.
But I know that all of the children lost to us for now would say, "Live!  Embrace it all!"
And so, the girls who have been part of our lives since they were very small: a nursing student, a community development coordinator (that one's mine), a law student, and a religious studies student. I can say I knew them when. 


  1. Gorgeous. At least for me (and I know how different my situation is), the sight of beautiful, talented, grace-filled young women is way more joy than sorrow. I love the pictures you are willing to share of *all* your children.

    1. That's so generous, Rosa..There are so many ways on which it can be difficult.

  2. This makes me happy for you, for them, for their families. You are right; embrace each happy moment.

  3. Beautiful world-changers. Four very good reasons to be proud and filled with joy.

  4. They are all beautiful and how blessed you are to know them and they to know you.

  5. So vibrant! Wonderful to see.

    Your blog title is so bang on. It seems as we get older, the beautiful and the terrible are so much more evident. And the beautiful is so very necessary to see.