Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Serene New Year's Neighborhood Walk


Even on the most bleak and dreary of days, color and texture proclaim their distinctive identities.
A hundred-year-old brick wall, its hues and striated textures dimmed and stained by the decades.  A newly painted fascia, gleaming free of flakes and cracks.  And H2O in the form of snow and ice and liquid drips.
My word for this year?  Serenity.  More on that tomorrow.


  1. This is encouraging me to go take a serene walk!

  2. I can read your words in my feed reader, but the background is so dark I can not read it hear. Hope your knee feels better soon so that you can take more of these walks.

    1. The background is white and the text is black. Are you on an iphone or ipad? -- if so, scroll down to "View web version."

    2. I think that's your problem. Apple and Blogger are not friends.

  3. Serenity is a good word. I'm still thinking about mine and, as usual, it is difficult to choose just one.