Thursday, January 23, 2014

Funeral Mass

Here's one of the things I really like about Catholic churches: you can almost always find a portrayal of a heartbroken mother.  This one is a section of a spectacular crucifixion window.
Here's what I remember about this day in my own life:  after the service, and the food, and all the people, the thought:
OK, we did that, and it was truly awful, but it's over.  He'll come back now, right? 



  1. I felt like someone had ripped a section of my life out, and scattered the pages.

  2. Do we ever really stop hoping that they will come back?

  3. I'm thinking that the answer is "no,"

  4. I'm terribly sorry for this loss in your community of friends. I'm grateful for all that you have written about it, because it is honest, practical and will be helpful to others. God bless you and your friends, Robin, with comfort, strength, humor and healing.