Thursday, January 9, 2014

Representing . . .

1. At least 2 more weeks off work.
2. Probably no teaching this semester.
3. No retreat in February.
4. $$$$$$$
5. Sigh.
 On the plus side, the surgeon is pleased with the healing and lack of any complications so far.
Workin' that word "reverence."


  1. Oh I am so sorry. Glad the healing is going well. Why the retreat cancelling? Georgetown has pretty good doctors and a great hospital! Though I guess the new retreat center isn't too close to either, if that's where you were headed Beyond prayers, sympathy and wishes for a speedy recovery, you need anything else from your cyberspace companions?

    1. This injury is far more debilitating than I could have imagined. And the risk of blood clots is very real -- so lengthy trips are advised against for several weeks. (My plan was to be at Georgetown University and yes, I mentioned the hospital to my surgeon!)

  2. Prayers for continued healing and also for acceptance of disrupted plans and for sacred moments as you rest and heal. Blessings.