Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Photos

My parents, about six weeks after I was born, at the Baton Rouge wedding of friends (who are, by the way, still married ).  
Don't they look glamorous?  And young? They were only about 21 years old.

Christmas 1958 is my guess.

This is, as far as I know, the only photo ever snapped of my entire original family.  I love two things about this photo:  My pink plastic hair rollers, evidence of my mother's indefatigable  optimism with respect to my absolutely straight hair, and the fact that the only member of the family fully dressed and ready for action is the lady of the house.  Well, I love a third thing.  We are all in it.

I think that the slightly different tree means that the picture I formerly identified as Christmas 1959 must be from the previous year.  Transfer the New Year's Eve story to this one!


  1. These are bringing back so many memories for me, too!

  2. Oh Robin, I got to steal a few minutes on the cruise computer and found THESE!!! How lovely to see pictures of your mom, your dad, your brothers and adorable a much happier time. I was momentarily stunned by how much your mother looks like Josh. Do you notice that too? Thank you for sharing these. My world also fell apart when I was six, though in a different way, and it made me think again of all you have survived. Faith, hope and courage--you have them all and thankfully they will get you through. Miss our group and looking forward to reconnecting just about the time you leave.

  3. I am a photo-hound, and love old photos, especially ones with meaning. These are treasures. Thank you so much for posting them - it's a window into your past, & is a gift. It's lovely to see your whole family together.