Thursday, November 11, 2010

Awaiting Possibilities

Last night I was certified ready to receive a call by our Presbytery's  Committee on Preparation for Ministry.  (See second to last paragraph here for an explanation.)

I was expecting a lengthy and grueling meeting.  Things started out rather awkwardly with a question about joy in my life that had me groping for a response that I couldn't make. (I realize this morning that perhaps it's a standard open-ended question for folks who've reached this point after several years of school and training, but most people haven't had an experience anything like mine.)  

But then I preached my sermon, and people began to say quite lovely things.  

And then I read my Statement of Faith (one page, of which they had all received advanced copies), and they continued to say quite lovely things, and I began to think, This is going very well.  This is going to happen.

And then they offered some excellent suggestions for revising the form which we send to churches seeking pastors.  That one is several pages long and it was clear that committee members had reviewed it carefully with an eye toward offering some solid help.

 And then I came home to a congratulatory cake baked by the Lovely Daughter and spent a lot on time on FB and the phone.

And then I completely crashed.

I'm thinking that productivity is out of the question today.


  1. Thanks be to God, Robin. I'm just thrilled.

  2. I am not surprised at the lovely comments. You are articulate, honest, authentic, and your integrity shines though.


  3. congratulations! I'm glad the committee has shown themselves not completely idiotic as I thought they were earlier in the year.

    May your call process be smooth and affirming too.

  4. Rest. Rejoice. Be delightedly and blantantly unproductive. Be extragavantly unbusy :)!

  5. Congratulations. How hard won is a task just to bring love to the world eh ?
    By the way I really love the quote at the top of your blog page.

  6. Wonderful, Robin! Looking forward to the next chapter in the story...

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! It's wonderful news. Rejoicing with you - no need for productivity. Perhaps this calls for a day of rest! =)

  8. I am happy for you. I am equally happy --and hopeful--for the church.

  9. what a great way to end this part of the journey. So glad it was a joyful moment.

  10. Whichever community calls you will be blessed, indeed. You've earned and deserve more than just a day of rest. Savor these moments!