Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Questions Questions Questions - Part II

What radio station(s) do you listen to and why?

Three soft rock stations, because I am mired in the 60s - although I am skipping one of them these days, since it stated playing nonstop Christmas music two weeks ago.  Mostly Christmas Muzak.  I don't expect them to have any kind of Advent sensibility, but really -- mid-November?

The Cleveland classical music station.

The two local NPR stations -- Cleveland and Kent State. Music-wise, classical and jazz.  News and interview program-wise: different shows at different times.   My favorites:  Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Diane Rehm, Terry Gross, and Talk of the Nation.  

I have very little tolerance for extraneous noise, so I only listen in the car.


  1. I too only listen to the radio or music in the car or when working out. Radio: classic rock (covers 60's - present, but not rap/hip hop) and NPR. Music, widely diverse but since I lost my iPod (again) no music...sgh.

  2. We have two (!) NPR stations in my area. I go back and forth depending on if I want news, jazz or classical. It's pretty awesome.

  3. Not a big NPR fan--surprise!!! But I do like Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and download it to my IPhone so I can listen to it in the car.

    Have you tried Pandora? If you have a cell phone with apps you can download a free Pandora app. It also works on your computer. You search for your favorite song or artist or genre (including loads of classical stuff) and then it plays that song along with other music that is similar.

    For example, I have created my own Gregorian chant station as well as a traditional hymn station and an Advent station, etc.

    If your car has a tape deck you can get a cheap gadget that allows you to play Pandora off your phone through the car speakers or you can use another gadget that does that.

    Best thing about it is you get to hear things you didn't know about.

  4. I do have Pandora on my computer (a phone with apps is in a future that includes employment!) but I always forget about it. Maybe this will encourage me to figure more of it out.