Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Questions Questions Questions - Part III

Bumper Stickers On Your Car?

1. Willamette University.  The Lovely Daughter's college.

2. Tulane University.  Her first college.

3. Northfield Mount Hermon School.   Josh's and my alma mater.

4.  Gwynn Valley Camp.  One of our family's most special places.

 Chicago Son and Lovely Daughter ~ Gwynn Valley Staffers 2004


  1. Only one bumper sticker on my car: YSR. That stands for Yeah, Sewanee's right! That's the official yell of daughter Jane's alma mater.

    It goes like this (really!):

    Tigers, tigers, leave 'em in the lurch.
    Down with the heathens,
    Up with the church!
    Yeah, Sewanee's right!

    (Sewanee is affiliated with the southern dioceses of the ECUSA.)

    Everyone in my suburb has my car in the same color I have, but no one else has a YSR bumper sticker so I can find it in the parking lot at the grocery store!

  2. See, those bumper stickers are not only revealing but practical!