Sunday, June 26, 2011

Off to Russia!

I already posted this on FB, but that's Gregarious Son, headed for Novgorod for a week, via Newark, Frankfurt, and St. Petersburg, to which he'll return for another three weeks of his program in international law. And then he's going to visit a young lady in Edinburgh.   And that's me, who was headed home from the airport.  No overseas journeys for me this year.

The Lovely Daughter called from Asheville to report that the glory of being a camp  activities cluster leader instead of a cabin counselor is: Sundays off!  She called first from brunch, somewhere, and then later from the Chocolate Bar.  Apparently a day off means a progressive group feast on non-camp food.  I reminded her: No flip-flops on the Parkway!*

I don't know what warnings I should be issuing for Russia.

*The counselors like to drive up onto the Blue Ridge Parkway on their nights off to look at the stars strung out above the mountains.  Copperheads like to slither onto the Parkway on their nights off to warm up on the pavement, still hot from the sun.  Last summer there was an encounter that landed a counselor in the hospital for several days.


  1. Safe travels to GS and good reminder for the LD. By the way, great picture!

  2. Cosmopolitan GS and LD.

    I did not know about the snake thing. My brother lives in Raleigh/Durham now and goes to the Ashville area frequently...I'll relay the info...thanks.

  3. Great picture. Blessings to you all.

    Not sure about the snake thing.....think sometimes you got scarier creatures that we have. Know you got scarier insects from a trip to North Carolina!

  4. Oh both adventures sound wonderful!

    Right now my sister and I are in heavy, fabulous FB communication with a bunch of old campers from our many years at Our Lady of the Hills Camp in Hendersonville, NC!

    I never did get to become a counselor - life just meandered me in a different direction. But I remember it as something I really, really wanted to do!

    I just love the BRP!

  5. I wanted to be a counselor, too -- but stupidly, I turned that opportunity down.

    It gives me great pleasure that all three of my children went to MY camp -- Gwynn Valley in Brevard -- and that Josh was on staff there for four summers and The Lovely Daughter now for her fifth.

    We have a cottage outside of Hendersonville for a week in mid-August Waterfalls, here we come!

  6. Well, if you get a chance try to hike Mt. Glassy! That was something we did every summer! I so want to do that again!

    Our camp has been turned into a resort now, and there are a few wonderful folks planning a 'reunion' of sorts for next year! I'm going to try to make it!

    I wish I'd gone on to be a CIT and a Counselor. I think that was truly something I was called to do, and simply shut the door on it.

    Fear. Trying to do what my parents wanted. Whatever.

    (one fo the many strands of the story of my life)

  7. I was a counselor their from 1968 to 71 cabin 6
    Mr. Falcone camp director. Is there a FB page to re-connect. Some of the best times of my life.

    1. MiKe Jochum!!!! I kissed you at the riflery range at OLH!!! Please contact me on facebook. I have created an OLH site also!!


  8. Can someone from this blog please contact me on facebook. I went to OLH and want to organize a reunion.

    Linda Di Mare